Innovate and Disrupt – With a Slant On Sociology

March 1, 2009

Remix is the new religion, new art and next generation! Welcome to the Age of Remix!

Few days back I went to NYPL Live with my friend Caroline Waxler to listen to Lawrence Lessig, Shepard Fairey & Steven Johnson (Twitter’s 35th rank).obama-remix2

Shepard with his Obama photo remix has ignited an age old debate between creative artists and bureaucrats.

While the focus of the session was on remix of music, video and art, I realized that we live in an age of remix!

Most of the religious that sprung up in the past millennium have their origins from older religious. As Thomas Friedman put it, with the world becoming flat, different races, religious and cultures are remixing and creating their own versions.

horse_chariot2 bullock-cart_sml1

Royal chariot remixed into a farmer’s cart centuries ago …….

Science, awareness and opportunities are bulldozing the age old dogmatic barriers of the hierarchical societies.

Seal and Heidi Klum are remixing;  sealheidiklumpregnant1

Taye Diggs and Idina Mendel are remixing; Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are remixing;

Tiger Woods has remixed twice.


Remix has been part of our DNA since the advent of primordial soup – only now, we kicked it up a few notches.

In 2008 two bloggers Robin and Danielle ran contests for Recipe Remixes Рand many people flooded them with their morphed up remixed recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Arfi, an Indonesian living in New Zealand  has created remix Crepes. green-crepes

Remixing is part of our evolution! Remix is innovation!Remix is normal!

Out of every 50 twits I get, 10% are retwits with a twist of their – again a remix!

Viral videos in a completely different context is a type of its own remix.

Can you think of any other interesting remixes?Remixes that have influenced the society, culture and religion?

For example –





autorikshawAutoRisk – a remix of Scooter + Rikshaw

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